The 2007 Southwest Virginia Open

Seventy-nine players converged on Roanoke in August 2007 for the best turnout in this tournament's history! This Grand Prix event would not have been possible without the generous annual grant from Walter & Dorothy Muir. This grant is administered by the Foundation for Roanoke Valley, and is earmarked specifically to promote chess activity in the Roanoke Valley area of Virginia.

We want to acknowledge the help of the many volunteers who helped make this event happen: former Roanoke Valley Chess Club President Dr. Bob Collins, Brian Roark, Randy Davis, Dave Vecellio, Jack Richards, Sam Phillips, and countless others. Special thanks to current Vice Chairman of the Board Richard White, and Treasurer Marshall McDaniel for their tireless efforts. Last but not least, NM Russell Potter put in countless hours behind the scenes, and offered free game score analysis on site.

We also want to thank Pam Podger and The Roanoke Times for their excellent coverage of the tournament. It is our hope that the article will stimulate interest in the region, and will be a boost for Roanoke Valley Chess Club. Read the story: "Winning Takes All The Right Moves."

Wait! There are at least seventy-nine other people to thank. This year was one for the record books, and we couldn't have done it without your support. Sincere thanks to everyone who took time from their busy schedules for this tournament.

The 2007 Southwest Virginia Open Final Standings
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2007 Southwest Virginia Open Champions
L-R: NM Chris Mabe, Patrick Tae, and FM Andrey Chumachenko (Matthew Marsh not pictured)

Open Section
1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize (4 each) FM Master Andrey Chumachenko, NM Chris Mabe, Expert Patrick Tae, Matthew Marsh (breaks the 2000 barrier!)
Class Prize (3.5) Scott Baldwin - Class A Prize

Amateur Section
1st Prize (4.5) Jonathan McNeill
2nd and 3rd Prize Joe Wright, Merritt Johnson, David High
Class Prize (3.5) Chet Fischer - Class C Prize and (3.0) Jeffrey McGuire - Class D Prize

Booster Section
1st Prize (4.0) Benjamin Jones
2nd Prize (3.5) Dr. Walter High III
3rd Prize (3.0) Joshua Exposito, John Sasseen, William Rulison
Class Prize (combined with 3rd)