Bill Bochman Memorial

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club, as part of its series of Grand Prix tournaments recently held a memorial tournament in honor of Bill Bochman, perhaps the single most significant contributor to the club over its long history. This tournament was held on Saturday, February 15th at the St. John's Lutheran Church in Roanoke, Virginia. The Championship Section came with a value of 6 USCF Grand Prix points. The tournament consisted of two sections, played in three rounds. The time control was Game in 90 Minutes with a 5 second delay.

In the Championship Section, we had a tie at the top with 2.5/3 between Richard White and Ambrous Jacobs, who split the prize money. The two leaders met in the last round for a final-round draw - and it wasn't a quick "GM Draw", either. The tiebreaker for 1st Place went to Richard. Bob Day took 3rd Place on tiebreaks, sharing a 2/3 score with Ray Megginson.

In the Amateur Section, first place was taken with a lone 3/3 score by Kevin Tapp! Brian Moore and Robert Gibson came in with 2/3 each, the tiebreak falling to Brian. This was only Brian Moore's third USCF-rated tournament!

The on-site Tournament Director was Joshua B. Lilly. NM Russell Potter served as Assistant T.D.

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated. This was our second event at St. John's Lutheran Church, and we would also like to extend our gratitude to the church. They've been very welcoming and gracious, and the accomodations are excellent.


Place Player Score
1st Richard White 2.5
2nd Ambrous Jacobs 2.5
3rd Robert Day 2.0


Place Player Score
1st Kevin Tapp 3.0
2nd Brian Moore 2.0
3rd Robert Gibson 2.0

( To see the results of ALL players who played in the 2009 Bill Bochman Memorial, please check out the official USCF crosstable here . )