On Sunday, May 31st, from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club participated in the Grandin Village Block Party. This annual event is sponsored jointly by the Raleigh Court Civic League, and merchants and organizations in and around the Grandin Village area. This event is a one-day, fun-filled, public celebration of the organizations, neighbors and businesses of the Grandin Village area and their friends and supporters.

The event was held on Grandin Road, between Memorial Ave. and Westover Ave. SW. This long block was blocked off from traffic so that the participants would have a safe area in which to celebrate.

The club had several tables for chess playing by the general public set up in the middle of the block. We also passed out basic information club cards at these tables. These tables saw a lot of activity!

Over 40 people participated in the chess part of the celebration. We signed up 11 new contact cards for our e-mail database!

There were singing and dancing acts at the celebration as well as a martial arts display! Food was served by the Natural Foods Co-Op, the Homestead Creamery and Pops Ice Cream Parlor restaurant, as well as by several other vendors.

The club's participation was Co-ordinated by officers Mike Huff and Donnie Doyle. Mike negotiated the arrangements with the Grandin Village officials. Donnie provided his usual invaluable assistance with the setup arrangements of tables, chairs and other promotional materials. Other club members provided useful help as well. Russell Potter took photos of the event and set up some displays. Richard White and Chris Moore provided valuable help in packing up after the exhibition was over. Thanks to you all guys!

We consider the Grandin Village Block Party to be an outstanding neighborhood event, as well as a real publicity-generating event for the club!