The tournament was held on November 21st 2009 at St. John's Lutheran Church and I must say, that the weekend weather conditions were perfect! The day was sunny and the temperature was in the high sixties.

The playing conditions bordered on excellent with a quiet tournament room, a happily boisterous skittles room adjacent, and places to eat within walking distance.

Despite a slightly smaller field of entrants than prior events, worthy contestants from three different states were in attendance. These contestants provided some well fought matches and some surprises as well.

Josh Lilly took first place honors and a nice 125 dollar prize for a well fought contest.

We had no less than four contestants take second place prizes of forty-five dollars each. They were Ray Megginson, Bob Mahan, Ed Grych, and Eric Diaz. Eric Diaz's second place finish as an unrated player gives him a promising entrance into tournament chess.

Congratulations to all of the winners !

Thanks go to Mike Huff for his able assistance in the running of this event, and to Russell Potter and Josh Lilly as well, for their excellent support in setting up the rooms for the event, as well as making valuable suggestions in general.

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club has several Grand Prix events scheduled for next year at the same facility. So, put them on your calendar for even more exciting Saturdays. And remember, enter early and save yourself a little cash !

Watch the web page of the Roanoke Valley Chess Club for details of our exciting 2010 tournament calendar !

Submitted by Richard Maciorowski, Tournament Director.