As part of its series of special, one-day, Unrated but $$$ tournaments, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club recently held its HALLOWEEN QUICK CHESS TOURNAMENT. This tournament was held on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at the headquarters of the club in the Community Meeting Room of the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op.

The tournament was a double round-Robin event, with 90% entries being returned as prizes !

The time control was Game in 10 Minutes with a 5 second delay and was played under modified Quick Chess Rules.

First place was won by Richard White who had to overcome three losses in the first half of the tournament. Amazingly, with a little temper that became focus, Richard won five games in a row that earned him 1st place by one full point 7/10.

Second Place went to Jernel Sharp, who in the first half of the tournament was dominating his opponents in an eloquent fashion. Jernel's performance was impressive, but in a tournament of ten rounds stamina can turn into a chess player's mortal enemy. He earned second place with a score of 6/10.

Third place was a tie between Brandon Gordon and Ray Megginson. These two warriors of the 64 square battlefield left their presence felt with a score of 5/10.

In all, there were 4 players who won money ! Congratulations to all of the prize winners !

The on-site Tournament Director was Eric L. Diaz. There were no significant problems of any kind and everyone appeared to have a really good time !

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated and made the Halloween Quick Chess event at the Co-Op yet another successful one in our series.

( Report submitted by Eric L. Diaz. )