On Saturday, June 25th, the RVCC ran the Spring Quick Chess Championship -- which, due to conflicting events, had to be postponed by one week into early summer. Six players competed: Richard White, Eric Diaz, and three new players, plus Your Humble Reporter. This was the newcomers' first timed tournament, and they wanted their G/10 speed chess even more intense than planned; thus, the 5-second delay feature was removed from the double round-robin.

Several games were hotly contested, with upsets a frequent occurrence. Eric, the first-place winner, finished with a perfect score, and defeated higher-rated Richard, who came in at second place. YHR, who came in third, also managed to checkmate Richard in one game, but lost on time in the other. YHR lost both exciting games to Eric with better positions but fallen flags, by a margin of only 13 seconds in one game. One of the newcomers also checkmated me in a highly interesting and unexpected manner. The newbies, especially, had a great time!

( Report submitted by Mike Huff. )