As part of its series of special, one-day, unrated tournaments, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club recently held its THANKSGIVING CHESS TOURNAMENT. This tournament was held on Saturday, NOVEMBER 17, 2012 in the Community Room of the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op in Roanoke, Virginia. The tournament was a round-Robin event, with ALL entries being returned as prizes!

The time control was Game in 30. There was plenty of excitement and drama in all of the games. This was probably the strongest unrated tournament sponsored by the club with FIDE MASTER Alex Opitz, NATIONAL MASTER Russell Potter, and former ARIZONA and WEST VIRGINIA STATE CHAMPION C.T. Morgan competing. There were a lot of fireworks with these three titans going at it.

In all, there were 4 players who won money !
FM Opitz won first place, winning all of his games. NM Russell Potter took second, his only lost coming at the hand of FM Opitz, and C.T. Morgan won 3RD place. The prize for top Amateur went to Mike Huff. Congratulations to all of the prize winners !

The on-site Tournament Director was Ray Megginson. There were no significant problems of any kind and everyone appeared to have a really good time!

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated and made this Saturday Special event at the Co-Op yet another successful one in our series.

We also express our deep appreciation to the management and staff of the Co-Op, who have gone out of their way to make us feel especially welcome there for our weekly Saturday Club meetings.