2012 Tracy Callis Memorial Report

As part of its series of special, one-day Grand Prix tournaments, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club held its third Tracy Callis Jr. Memorial on Saturday, August 18th at St. John's Lutheran Church, in Roanoke, Virginia. This USCF-rated tournament had a rating of 10 USCF Grand Prix points, with all money guaranteed. The tournament was played in three rounds. The time control was Game in 90 Minutes with a 5 second delay.

It looks as if the tournament is getting a reputation for reliability, since we had some new out-of-town visitors this time from North Carolina. The event continues to grow, and if you haven't tried it out and you're in the area, we really hope you'll give it a shot !

As before, the largest thanks go to Mr. Tracy Callis, Sr., who once again generously donated the money to make this event a one-day, 10 Grand Prix point USCF-rated tournament ! Having such an event is a great rarity, and we're all deeply grateful to Mr. Callis for continuing this memorial tournament to honor is son, Tracy, Jr.

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club brought back its usual bargain book sale, once more run by Life Master Russell ( "Rusty" ) Potter. Rusty also gave a brief memorial speech to remember Tracy between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Thanks go to him for having done this three years in a row, and somehow making it fresh and new each time.

Free lunch was provided this year by the R.V.C.C. T.D. Joshua Lilly ordered the pizza, President Mike Huff got the beverages and Rusty Potter picked up a number of tasty sides as well as lots of plates and serving ware.

This year, the tournament had four sections, as opposed to last year's three, giving players of all strengths chances to grab a piece of the prize fund. But, in addition, this year's Tracy Callis Memorial is also a VCF Cup event, so there were points to be had that ended up affecting the final standings for the year.

In the top section, two Experts were featured: VCF President Andrew ( "Andy" ) Rea returned, along with former Master Charlie ( "C.T." ) Morgan. Charlie just started playing tournament chess this year after a 30+ year layoff ! Charlie seems to be shaking off the rust quite well, finishing with a perfect 3/3 score ! Charlie defeated both our frequent tournament-winner Felix McCain, as well as tournament top-rated Andy Rea. West Virginia youngster Advait Patel, heading rapidly toward making Expert himself, came in clear 2nd with 2.5/3. Advait scored a comfortable draw against Expert Rea in the first round. Bob Nolan came in clear 3rd with 2/3.

Back in April, the RVCC put on its Walter Muir Memorial. The second section there was won by Mr. Timothy McKeown, after a chess layoff of decades. He had a perfect 3/3 score in the Muir tournament and did the same thing again here in the Callis ! Two perfect scores in two back to back events is no mean feat ! Ed Boyers and Gilbert Stone both came in at 2/3 to take 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

The third section saw Chet Fischer end up with 3/3 and clear first, followed by Robert Moody and RVCC President Mike Huff at 2/3 for second and third places.

The fourth section was won with 3/3 by Brian Mackey, yet another repeat section-winner from the Muir Memorial. Not a bad streak he's having, having played in only three tournaments in his life and yet winning his section with perfect scores in the last two events !

These tournaments can't come off without tons of help, and that we had. President Mike Huff once again returned to help greatly with all the setting up and taking down. Former RVCC President Richard White came down the night before the tournament to slip in quite a bit of valuable help to us. And as always, Russell Potter put in tons of time and effort to make this tournament a reality. The TD was Joshua Lilly.

We hope to have this tournament next year. In summary, this event has 10 USCF Grand Prix Points, VCF Cup points, a large prize fund for a one-day tournament, a free lunch and a booksale. We still fondly remember Tracy Callis Jr. - a great, friendly person who deserves to be remembered by all of in doing what he loved : playing chess!


Grand Prix Section
1st: C.T. Morgan (3.0)
2nd: Advait Patel (2.5)
3rd: Bob Nolan (2.0)

Second Section
1st: Tim McKeown (3.0)
2nd: Ed Boyers (2.0)
3rd: Gilbert Stone (2.0)

Third Section
1st: Chet Fischer (3.0)
2nd: Robert Moody (2.0)
3rd: Mike Huff (2.0)

Fourth Section
1st: Brian Mackey

( Tournament Report Submitted by Joshua Lilly, with additions by Russell Potter. )

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