Roanoke FIDE Harvest Open

On Friday night and Saturday, October 24 and 25, 2014, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club held its first FIDE-format tournament at Westhampton Christian Church, in Roanoke, Virginia. The Roanoke FIDE Harvest Open had a rating of 15 USCF Grand Prix points, with all money guaranteed. The tournament was played in three rounds. The time control was G/90 with a 30 second-increment after each move.

A hearty round of applause goes to Mr. Rudy Abate, who graciously served as our Senior TD and Arbiter, making this event possible. Rudy traveled from eastern North Carolina to direct and officiate for us, and at a bargain price, too. Thanks for all your help, Rudy!

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club's book sale featured New In Chess magazines, as well as an ample selection of various chess books, all of which sold well.

The tournament had three sections: Open, Under 1600 Class, and Under 1200 Class, with a total of 15 players.

In the Open section, Roger Luca, Justin Lohr, and Nathan Lohr shared 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes with 2.5 scores, and split $800 equally among them. Well done, gentlemen!

In the U1600 section, Chase Gauldin took 1st place with a score of 2.0, and came away with $100. Second place winners, who all scored 1.0 and earned $12.50 each, were: Michael Tedder, J. Robert Mahan, Gideon Lohr, and Aiden Taylor.

First- and second-place winners in the U1200 section were Eric DeHaven and Sam DiStefano, respectively, who each came away $75.00 richer. Good job, guys!


Open Section: Shared 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
1st: Roger Luca (2.5) $266.67
2nd: Justin Lohr (2.5) $266.67
3rd: Nathan Lohr (2.5) $266.67

U1600 Section:
1st: Chase Gauldin (2.0) $100.00
2nd: Robert Mahan (1.0) $12.50
2nd: Michael Tedder (1.0) $12.50
2nd: Gideon Lohr (1.0) $12.50
2nd: Aiden Taylor (1.0) $12.50

U1200 Section:
1st: Eric DeHaven (1.0) $75.00
2nd: Sam DiStefano 1.0) $75.00