2014 Tracy Callis Memorial Report

As part of its series of special, one-day Grand Prix tournaments, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club held its fifth Tracy Callis Jr. Memorial on Saturday, August 16th at St. John's Lutheran Church, in Roanoke, Virginia. This USCF-rated tournament had a rating of 15 USCF Grand Prix points, with all money guaranteed. The tournament was played in three rounds. The time control was Game in 90 Minutes with a 5 second delay.

As before, the largest thanks go to Mr. Tracy Callis, Sr., who once again generously donated the money to make this event, for the first time, a one-day, 15 Grand Prix point USCF-rated tournament ! Having a one-day 15-Grand Prix point event is almost unheard of. In fact, a brief check of the TLA's in Chess Life indicates that the Roanoke Valley Chess Club is the ONLY affiliate that is running a One-Day, 15 Grand Prix tournament this year !

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club brought back its usual bargain book sale, this time managed by club President Mike Huff.

This year, the tournament had three sections, and was once more a VCF Cup event.

The Grand Prix section was won by repeat winner and former VCF President Andy Rea.

Club President Mike Huff and Vice President Ray Megginson once again returned to help greatly with all the setting up and taking down. It is impossible to imagine any tournament without their help! The TD was Joshua Lilly.

We are all deeply grateful to Mr. Callis for continuing this memorial tournament to honor his son, Tracy, Jr.

We still fondly remember Tracy Callis Jr. - a great, friendly person who deserves to be remembered by all of us for doing what he loved : playing chess!


Grand Prix Section
1st: Andrew Rea (3)
2nd: Felix McCain (2.5)
3rd: Harold Mitchell (2)

Second Section
1st: Brian Failon (3)
2nd: Chet Fischer (2)
3rd: Mike Huff (1.5)

Third Section
1st: Nick Failon (3)
2nd: Mason McGrady (2)
3rd: Alvin Baytops (2)