2015 Game/15 ~ 5d L.O.T.S. WARM-UP

As part of its series of special, one-day QUICK CHESS tournaments, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club held its Land of the Sky 'L.O.T.S.' WARMUP tournament on Jan.17.

Perennial Speed King Sam Kennedy walked away with clear 1st Place with an outstanding 6-1 score, getting tagged only by whiz kid Josh Lewis. Clear 2nd Place was won by club stalwart Gary Myers, with an excellent 5-2 score, losing only to young Christian Dotson and to Sam. Tied for both 3rd Place and Top Amateur were Josh and Wally Lewis, making the sharing of the bronze a family affair.

11-year old Josh continues to impress with his excellent string of successes against players 30-40 years older than he is ! Other impressive youth were Christian Dotson and Mason Mc Grady, both of whom finished just out of the prize money. ALL of our "young 'un's" at the Roanoke Valley Chess Club show LOTS of potential. We expect great things from them in a few years !

The rounds ran smoothly and the tournament actually finished ahead of schedule ! The event was directed by yours truly, who did get some nice 'attaboys' from the players for a job reasonably well-done.

Kudos go to Sam and Gary for hoisting LOTS of tables and chairs in the meeting room in a restricted space; way to go guys ! Special thanks also goes to Joe Anderson, who came all the way down from Lewisburg, W.Va. to both play in our tournament AND to join our chess club ! Thanks a bunch Joe for your dedication to chess here in the Roanoke Valley.

Lastly, we want to once again thank our kind hosts at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op for allowing us to tie up their public meeting room for almost the entire day !

--- Submitted by Russell Potter.