Celebrating Chess at the 2016 Festival in the Park

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club once again brought the Royal Game of chess to the annual Festival in the Park celebration. Festival 2016 was held over the Memorial Day weekend, on Saturday, May 28th. The Chess Club once again convened at the bottom of the hill at street level, along Elm Avenue, in the renovated Elmwood Park. Elmwood Park is located between Elm Avenue, Bullitt Street, Jefferson Street, and Williamson Road, in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

We found the weather at Festival very pleasant, once again. The day was partly sunny, but not too hot, with just the right amount of wind-- a gentle, cooling breeze-- and there was NO RAIN !!

Club members had no difficulty in setting up. Festival organizational assistant, Patricia King, very ably helped us wrangle chairs and tables into place, and made our setup feel like child’s play !

Three-time Virginia State Champion NM Russell “Rusty” Potter, who performed his last Beat the Master exhibition in 2014, stopped in to help with contact cards and such. The Chess Club, represented by Rusty, Bill Adams, Christian Dotson, and President Mike Huff, along with former President Richard White, offered games and information to visitors, and collected a goodly number of names and e-mail addresses, as well.

We want to thank all of the volunteers who helped make Festival 2016 a success: Rusty, Bill, Christian, and Mike. A SPECIAL thank-you goes to Ms. King and all the other fine folks of Roanoke Festival, Inc., who gave so unstintingly of their time and talents to ensure a great Festival!

We all enjoyed the food, the music, and the scenery, especially the lovely ladies gracing the park. Of course, we also really liked the all-day, non-stop CHESS !!

This event is part of the Roanoke Valley Chess Club's ongoing commitment to promote chess in the region, and, as always, is 100% FREE to the general public.

( Submitted by Mike Huff )