Roanoke Valley Chess Club Championship

1st Place - Chase Bailey :
The new club champion is rising chess star 21 year old Chase Bailey.
  2nd Place - Courtney Barnes :
Our Silver Medal winner is U.S.C.F. Expert Courtney Barnes.
  3rd Place - Felix McCain :
Our Bronze Medal winner is veteran Lynchburg Champ. Felix Mc Cain.
  Our tournament staff :
Venerable Chess Master & Chairman of the Board - Russell Potter.
Our tireless and steadfast club President is - Mike Huff.
Our dependable Club Treasurer and cheerful volunteer is - Ray Megginson.


Roanoke Vally Chess Personalities...

Chase Bailey Wins Roanoke Valley Chess Club Championship
21 year-old aspiring chess master !

Chase learned to play chess from his father at the age of 7, and was a part of Northside High School's chess team here in Roanoke. Eventually, he discovered the game of chess was his calling in life. Casually playing online, going to chess clubs, looking over books, and enjoying the beauty of history's finest chess games all combined to ignite a passion in him for the Royal game. After tirelessly practicing for months, he prepared himself for his first major test of strength.

Hard work pays off, and he won over $7,000.00 at the 2016 Millionaire Chess tournament in Atlantic City. Chase felt with growing confidence, that he could turn the game into a career for himself.

His willingness to succeed would triumph again on June 24 and 25, 2017 at the Roanoke Valley Chess Club Championship, where, despite being listed as only the 3rd seed at the outset of the event, Chase placed 1st, and earned himself the top spot on the RVCC Championship Plaque.

Outside of chess, Chase is an aspiring astrophysicist working at a convenience store to pay for chess tournaments and college tuition. Chase also dabbles in writing, having had a poem published in an online newsletter. He also is a jewelry maker. As a part-time amateur chess instructor, Chase offers cheap private lessons online or in person at:

National Expert Courtney Barnes of Roanoke won 2nd Place. Felix Mc Cain, one of Lynchburg’s strongest players, placed 3rd.