2017 Walter Muir Memorial Chess Tournament Results

As part of its series of special, one-day rated tournaments, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club recently held the 2017 Walter Muir Grand Prix Tournament. This annual 3-round event took place on Saturday, August 19th at Westhampton Christian Church in Roanoke, Virginia.

The format was G/75 with a 25-sec. increment. There was one section with a top prize of $400.00. Eighteen players, including two with USCF ratings in excess of 2100, slugged it out over the chessboards in the sumptuously appointed Fireside Room.

At the end of three hard-fought rounds, in which no player earned a perfect score, we had a 3-way split for the top prize among Andrew Tichenor, Dexter Wright, and Felix McCain. Mark Stephens, Darreion “Chase” Bailey, and Ray Megginson shared 2nd through 4th place prizes. Ben Dubuque and Aiden Taylor shared the Top U1600 prize, and Top U1200 went to young Leo Chang Dotson. Congratulations to all of our prize winners!

The tournament was directed most capably by USCF Expert Courtney Barnes. No significant problems of any kind occurred, and everyone appeared to enjoy the chess competition!

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated and made this Saturday Special event yet another successful one in our series.

We also express our deep appreciation to the Pastor and staff of Westhampton Christian Church, who have gone out of their way to make us feel especially welcome.

Finally, we pause to remember Walter Muir (1905-1999), a great friend, benefactor, and former president of the Roanoke Valley Chess Club. Walter was also very instrumental in developing postal chess in the U.S., and was a top postal competitor both nationally and internationally for several decades. Walter, an International Correspondence Chess Master, was known as “The Dean” and “The Grand Old Man” of American Correspondence Chess.

The RVCC conducts this event every year in Walter Muir’s honor, with his annual endowment, which makes our largest chess tournament possible!