2018 RVCC Summer Quick Championship Report

On Wednesday, July 25, 2018, the RVCC held its Summer Quick Championship. Six players competed in a 3-round G/15 Swiss System, at RVCC headquarters, Raleigh Court Public Library.

Drew Gripp and Benjamin Dubuque split 1st/ 2nd place with a 2½ score. The other four players— Ray Megginson, Henry Nguyn, Jeff Robison, and Mike Huff— all shared 3rd through 6th place.

One stunning upset bears mention: Youthful Henry Nguyn managed to defeat veteran player Ray Megginson in the 3rd round. Wow! Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations, Henry!

Club President Mike Huff directed the tournament, ably assisted by Mssrs. Megginson and Dubuque. Thanks to all the collaboration on pairing and awarding prizes, the event ran very smoothly.

The RVCC would like to thank the Raleigh Court Public Library for its help and hospitality in making this tournament a great success.

(Submitted by Mike Huff)