2023 Walter Muir Memorial Tournament

Tournament Report

On October 13th and 14th, the Roanoke Valley Chess Club held its 2023 Walter Muir Tournament at Westhampton Christian Church on Grandin Road, SW.

Sixteen players (and one house player) competed in 5 rounds. Time control was G/60, i20 for Rounds 1-4; G/60, SD for Round 5.

First and second places were split between Chase Bailey and Phil Harmon (1443), who each scored 4.5 points. Harmon, having to surmount the second highest rated player at the tournament: Felix McCain (1784), pulled through in ending time pressure to secure his victory. Harmon gained 101 rating points in this tournament, which puts his new rating at 1544! Bailey won all his games and had to take a bye in the last round for personal reasons. Junior player Nathaniel Zuraw (1425) came in 3rd, with 3.5 points; an impressive performance from Zuraw, also having gained 30 rating points from this tournament!

Felix McCain and Gabe Kaczor (1462), as well as two provisional players from Christiansburg, each scored 3.0 points.

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated and helped make this a successful event!

Club Treasurer Ray Megginson also did an outstanding job directing this tournament! Ray once again proved how committed he is to his craft, as he was spotted studying the USCF TD Handbook between and during rounds.

Thanks also to Westhampton Church for hosting our tournaments at their facilities.

Finally, we pause to remember Walter Muir (1905-1999), a great friend, benefactor, and former President of the Roanoke Valley Chess Club. Walter was also very instrumental in developing postal chess in the U.S., and was a top postal competitor both nationally and internationally for several decades. Walter, an International Correspondence Chess Master, was known as “The Dean” and “The Grand Old Man” of American Correspondence Chess.

The RVCC conducts this event every year in Walter Muir's honor, with his annual endowment, which makes our largest chess tournament possible!

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