2008 Nelson Bond Memorial

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club, as part of its series of Grand Prix tournaments honoring members key to its existence and success, put on a memorial tournament for former member Nelson Bond. This tournament was held on Saturday, August 14th at the club's meeting place in Virginia Heights Baptist Church, Roanoke, Virginia. The upper section came with a value of 6 USCF Grand Prix points! The tournament consisted of two sections, played in three rounds. The time control was Game in 90 Minutes with a 5 second delay.

Tracy Callis won the upper section outright, taking home the 6 Grand Prix points and the prize money with a perfect 3-0 score. He defeated his fellow 1900-player and former Saturday Specials tournament winner Felix McCain of Lynchburg in the last round to cinch the trophy. In the second section, leaders Richard Maciorowski and Andrew Bazak drew their last-round game to split the money, with Mr. Maciorowski winning the trophy on tie-breaks. Also of note was the earning of the 3rd place trophy by young Dominic Whyte, with a fine performance of two wins, losing only to the strongly performing Mr. Maciorowski in the second round.

Congratulations to the winners! The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated and made this Saturday Specials event another successful one!

The on-site Tournament Director was Joshua Lilly. Rusty Potter did a lot or work to ensure that six special trophies were awarded at this event in addition to the guaranteed prize fund. Thanks a bunch guys!

All the rounds started promptly and everyone seemed to have a really good time!

For the Nelson Bond Memorial results
please check out the official USCF crosstable.

Championship Section
Place Player Score
1st Place Tracy Callis 3.0
2nd Place Felix McCain 2.0
3rd Place Richard White 2.0

Lower Section
Place Player Score
1st Place Richard Maciorowski 2.5
2nd Place Andrew Bazak 2.5
3rd Place (tie) Dominic Whyte 2.0