2008 Starkweather Celebration

The new Second Saturday Specials Series had a successful debut with its opening number, the Starkweather Celebration. Named in honor of Mr. Don Starkweather, the former Board Member given large credit with birthing this concept, the 3-round, 1-day event was held on the 9th of February, 2008. The Second Saturday Specials inaugural event consisted of 2 sections.

Felix McCain of Lynchburg won the title, the 6 Grand Prix points, and the big bucks with a perfect 3-0 score, including a last-round Black win over fellow Class-A player Harold Mitchell, who came down from West Virginia. In the second section, Bluefield's Gilbert Stone clocked in with a fine 3-0 score of his own for a clean sweep. Congratulations to the winners! The Roanoke Valley Chess Club sincerely appreciates everyone who participated and made the first step into our regular Second Saturday Specials a successful one!

Felix McCain

Don Starkweather Celebration Results
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Championship Section
Place Player Score Prize
1st Place Felix McCain 3.0 $125.00
2nd Place (tie) Harold Mitchell 2.0 $43.75
2nd Place (tie) Andrew Krawczyk 2.0 $43.75
2nd Place (tie) Mike Huff 2.0 $43.75
2nd Place (tie) J. Robert Mahan 2.0 $43.75

Lower Section
Place Player Score Prize
1st Place Gilbert Stone 3.0 $125.00
2nd Place (tie) Andrew Bazak 2.0 $34.00
2nd Place (tie) Christopher Teeple 2.0 $34.00
2nd Place (tie) Jon Hendrickson 2.0 $34.00