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#1. Q: How do I come play in your chess club ?
A: Just come down to the Raleigh Court Branch Library at 2112 Grandin Road, SW on Wednesday evenings. Look for us in the large conference room, or the cafe area in the back of the building.

#2. Q: What are the hours of your chess club ?
A: The formal Wednesday hours of the RVCC will be from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Please use the rear entrance to the library.

Note: We must be packed up and out of the building before 10:00 p.m. No exceptions!
The RVCC also sponsors tournaments at the Westhampton Christian Church (WCC) as well as other churches. (See Upcoming Tournaments for more information.)

#3. Q: Where can I park?
A: You can park in the large lot beside the building.

#4. Q: Do I need to bring a chess set?
A: The club provides all chess sets, boards, and clocks as needed. You may bring your own equipment if you prefer.

#5. Q: What can I expect at the club?
A: The Roanoke Valley Chess Club has a range of players from beginner to Master. Everyone here will welcome and encourage you, and offer friendly advice should you want it. After all, proper sportsmanship is vitally important in running and building a club, and we try to keep it casual and fun. We also sponsor a number of tournaments and other activities. We have occasional tournaments and special classes and exhibitions including but not limited to, the following:

TOURNAMENTS - Rapid chess, several SW Va. Opens, and various Grand Prix events including the Walter Muir Memorial.

LECTURES - Problem solving contests, and general game-improvement lectures geared to all parts of the game.

SPECIAL EVENTS & PROMOTIONS - Team matches, Festival in the Park, Beat the Master simultaneous exhibitions, etc.

#6. Q: How do I join your chess club?
A: Guests may play casual chess at no charge. We ask all visitors to complete a short contact card. This information serves to notify and remind you of various club tournaments and other activities.

We strongly encourage all our Guests to consider becoming Members. The benefits of membership will quickly offset the initial cost of membership dues.

#7. Q: What benefits do I get as a member?
a) enjoy discounts on entry fees to club activities and tournaments;
b) receive discounts on books and other merchandise at our book sales;
c) discuss issues and vote at the Annual Reorganizational Business Meeting.

Please note: Unpaid Guests will NOT receive these benefits.

#8. Q: How much do membership dues cost?
A: Membership dues for adults currently cost $40 per fiscal year. The RVCC's fiscal year begins and ends each September.

Fortunately, these dues are PRO-RATED to reflect how much of the year has elapsed. If you join in the first half of the year, you pay only $40 for the entire year ! If you join in the second half of the year, you pay only $20 !

Youth under 19 pay half price; children under 13 years of age join for FREE.
All child attendees under the age of 13, MUST be accompanied by a parent or close family member.

#9. Q: Why does the chess club assess membership dues?
A: The annual membership dues help to support a number of our essential chess club functions. Some of the expenses we incur are: Webmaster to maintain our Website; storage rental fees for equipment; our P.O. Box; U.S. Chess Federation and Va. Chess Federation affiliation fees; Va. State Corporation Commission filing fee; advertising (Tournament Life Announcements in Chess Life magazine) and facility rental fees for our Grand Prix tournaments; expenses for outreach activities, especially Festival in the Park; and other chess-related events that we sponsor. All of our Officers and Board members serve as unpaid volunteers, so that your dues really do help us to promote chess!

General Organization and Background

Founded in 1947, we are the oldest continuously operating chess club in the State of Virginia; over 70 years. We are honored to have many Experts who have been members of our club throughout its 70+ year history, as well as six different National Masters of the game.
Our chief mission is to provide the great recreational, educational and general mental stimulation benefits of chess playing to the citizens of the Roanoke Valley.
We have an all-volunteer staff and are a non-profit organization. Membership in our club is available to the general public without regard to any factors whatsoever of race, creed, color, national origin, etc. etc.

Based on our history of free and low-cost service to the community by our all-volunteer staff, we were granted tax-exempt, IRS 501 (c)(3) status in 2001.

Your Donations Are Appreciated !

As an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, tax-deductible contributions can be made to our organization in order to help promote the game of chess. Take a look through our website. Stop by and meet the club members. If you like what you see, consider sending your tax-deductible donation to our name and address.
Your tax-deductible donation will help promote the game of chess in this region. Large or small, your contribution is a vital part of our ongoing efforts. You may send them to our mailing address listed on  the Contact Us